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Human resources
Jiangxi Second Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. personnel profile: the company has four senior management, four design engineers, two senior technicians and 10 technicians; the company employees have the opportunity to train one post and many abilities, for employees with comprehensive support of multiple skills, the company can consider arranging work opportunities in the company''s overseas factories. The development of the company and the growth of employees support each other, promote each other and promote each other.
Salary and Welfare Guarantee of the Company:
1. Competitive Compensation System
The company always regards the construction of salary system as the strategic focus of human resources development, and has established a very competitive salary system and a relatively perfect performance appraisal system.
2. A Careful and Perfect Welfare System
In addition to paying fees according to the state regulations, the annual festival will issue welfare goods such as daily necessities, shopping cards, special allowances for qualified employees, labor protection supplies will be issued according to the state regulations, high temperature allowances and cooling allowances will be issued, cold drinks and barreled water will be provided in summer, and medical examinations will be carried out regularly for employees of special types of work.
3. Staff Restaurant
The company subsidizes 50% per year to the staff canteen to improve staff meals. The company implements staff meals.
4. Comfortable Apartment Accommodation
The company provides apartment accommodation for employees and considers accommodation for their families.
5. Employee''s children go to school
In order to facilitate employees to work safely, the company coordinated arrangements for employees''children to do their best in school.
6、Rich amateur cultural activities
Every year, the company regularly holds cultural, sports and recreational activities such as staff outings, sports meetings, mountain climbing competitions, skills competition, calligraphy competitions and so on, so as to fully enrich the staff''s amateur cultural life and relax their body and mind.
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